Exceptional Investing

If creating prosperity for you and your family is important, then JAIDA might be the right partner to take you on that journey. With exciting and diverse investment opportunities in the property industry, you can create leverage and potentially achieve great returns on your money.


The Australian property market is an attractive and often lucrative landscape for investors. Australia continues to attract global interest with an enviable climate, lifestyle and job opportunities. Due to a robust and heavily regulated banking sector, the property market enjoys a relatively stable platform for investor confidence. A rich history in property appreciation, combined with strong population growth, a rebounding resource sector, significant infrastructure projects underway and a solid economic growth trend, provides the perfect recipe for achieving exceptional returns.


JAIDA has a successful track record of developing property in the Commercial, Industrial and Residential markets. With a mix of apartment buildings, housing estates, large industrial lots, strata industrial lots, office buildings, medical, townhouse estates, the current development pipeline worth over $300million is spread across major cities and flourishing regional markets. This diversification in product and location decreases risk and provides the ability to take advantage of market cycles to maximise return on investment.


With 27 years of combined experience, JAIDA has the acumen, connections and resources to deliver projects from conception to completion. More importantly the strength of our relationships is the catalyst for our success. This affords JAIDA the enviable position of having a significant pipeline of development opportunities, which has created an opening for new investors to come on board and gives existing investment partners continuity and leverage. With a scope of increasing the project pipeline to $1billion in 2019, the window of opportunity is now for investors.

At JAIDA we pride ourselves on the strength of our industry experience and expertise. This provides us the ability to analyse projects in a discerning manner and confidently make investment decisions.
As a Family business we do our best to honour our clients by inspiring them on this journey together.

Jaida Investor Memberships

JAIDA has various investment membership Categories available depending on what suits each investor. The expected returns are not guaranteed except for Term Investors, which is like a Bank Term Deposit with a fixed interest rate for the term. For most people the goal would be to get to Capital Partner Status and then the natural progression to Equity partner. This is where you can significantly change your financial circumstances and create a secure and very prosperous financial future. 

There is the opportunity with JAIDA to become an investor is these developments.  They range from Term Investor to a Project Investor, that would give you Returns between 10% – 30%, based on the Investment and the Project involved and profit released.

Please contact us for these also if this is of interest to you.