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Jaida Property is a family owned business based in Brisbane. For many years we have been helping people like you succeed in the South-East Queensland new property market. Experience in identifying property opportunities, excellence in research and analysis, combined with an emphasis on honouring the customer relationship is the foundation of Jaida Property. Our mission is to help you ultimately live a prosperous life by growing your wealth through property.

// Empowerment

Property is a time tested pathway to creating prosperity and securing a solid financial future for yourself. One of the keys to successful property investing is making confident decisions.

With over 60 years of combined experience in the property industry, our team is here to support, educate and guide you.

Our friendly, open approach combined with extensive expertise and research empowers you to take confident steps forward in building a successful property portfolio.

// Solutions

Every property solution is tailored to your individual circumstances. We do not espouse to having the one secret formula for property success…there isn’t one.

Your circumstances are unique, your risk tolerance and investment pace is what you are comfortable with, your goals and financial aspirations are personal.

We take the time to understand you, which provides the opportunity to create and implement a customised plan for you. This personal touch is what defines us.

// Collaborations

One of the strengths of a successful business is the team they around them. Its critically important to have an amazing direct team, but its just as important to partner with other professionals that can provide relevant services to support customers.

Our promise is that we only partner with valuable experts who share our values. These partnerships have evolved over time and have consistently delivered great results for our customers.

Some of these partnerships include: Mortgage Brokers, Financial Planners, Accountants, Quantity Surveyors, Lawyers, Property Managers, Builders, Developers, Interior Designers.

We have more than 1 customer

but nobody is more important than YOU


We would never of invested in property without the support of Jaida. Very happy with our Brisbane investment.

Hayden & Tania, Perth

Engineer and Youth Educator

Working long hours I just couldn’t find the time required to buy property intelligently. The team at Jaida have been great.

Vit, Brisbane


Great service and expert guidance. Looking forward to adding to my portfolio.

Stephanie, Brisbane

Performance Coach

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